About Us

Despite the strong economy, our middle class, which was once synonymous with the American Dream, is now defined by a state of perpetual uncertainty where instability is the new normal. Given this, it’s no wonder that nearly half of America can’t come up with $400 in a crunch leaving many in need of a financial cushion. But unless you have near perfect credit, the options for getting a small, short-term loan in the US are broken. Payday loans are well known to be predatory debt traps, while borrowing from friends & family can come with a high social cost.

Hundy solves these problems by providing the industry’s first mobile-native, peer-to-peer lending marketplace focused on non-prime borrowers. Borrowers use a friendly mobile app to get approved and funded within minutes, lenders get a good return on their investment, and the P2P community rewards those who do the right thing. The result, is a community-based lending model that drives network effects creating a new winner-take-all category in consumer lending. Hundy aims to be the leader of this new category by offering an affordable financial cushion to anyone who is creditworthy.

Hundy, a peer-to-peer micro-lender that empowers the creditworthy to benefit from their good character, was founded by digital marketplace and mobile development veterans Pete Budlong and Ram Hegde. Hundy is a privately-held, angel and equity crowdfund-backed company based in Miami, FL.