About Us

Despite the recovering economy, our middle class, which was once synonymous with the American Dream, is now defined by a state of perpetual uncertainty where instability is the new normal. Given this, it’s no wonder that nearly half of America can’t come up with $500 in a crunch leaving many in need of a financial cushion. For our new middle class, the options for getting this cushion are prohibitively expensive, and fortunately, are now being regulated away. Payday loans have long been known to be predatory and are now illegal in 22 states with more states eliminating them every year. In the past year, Apple and Google have banned all apps lending above a 36% APR, while a bill was just introduced in Congress (July 2021) that would put the same cap in place for all consumer loans.

Hundy has done its part by introducting its deposit advance, which provides community members a cash advance of up to a few hundred dollars on the their earned income without a credit check and paid for with a voluntary tip. This is done through a popular, mobile-only iOS app (#Hundyapp) that has been ranked as high as #110 in the App Store’s Finance category. Much of the capital powering the Hundy deposit advance is sourced by crowd investors, and both members and investors participate in an app-based community that places a high value on the sharing and celebration of small acts of good character.

Hundy, a crowd-based, earned wage access provider that empowers its members to benefit from their good character, was founded by digital marketplace and mobile development veterans Pete Budlong and Ram Hegde. Hundy is a privately-held, angel and equity crowdfund-backed company based in Miami, FL.

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