• What is Hundy?

    Hundy is a mobile-only, no-fee deposit advance provider that facilitates advances of up to $500 from the people around you. Hundy members can set up an account and request an advance in less than 5 minutes, and will receive their funds within one business day. Hundy investors earn cash back for their participation in the Hundy community.

  • Why would I use Hundy to get an advance?

    If you’re in the half of the US population who lives paycheck-to-paycheck and doesn’t have great credit, then Hundy is for you. Most small-dollar lenders are high priced, predatory debt traps while getting money from friends & family can come with a high social cost. Hundy gives everyone access to the people around them, which helps bring those costs down and removes much of the awkwardness from asking for money (and paying it back).

  • Who should use Hundy?

    You should use Hundy if you have an immediate expense that can be deferred for up to two months, and can repay the advance directly from deposits you have coming into your bank account. If we can verify your identity and you have regular income along with a checking account that has: i. over 6 weeks of transaction history, ii. deposits totalling over $2,000 per month and, iii. a consistent positive account balance, then you have a good chance of being eligible for a deposit advance between $25 to $100. The best part is we don’t check your credit, you can apply in minutes and you decide how much it costs via an optional donation. If due to unforeseen circumstances you are unable to pay the advance back according to schedule, we'll give you up to two more months to pay it back. All we ask is that you communicate with us along the way as you work through any issues and you'll soon become a valued member of the Hundy community.

  • Where can I use Hundy?

    On iOS devices, Hundy is available for deposit advances in Alabama, Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, Ohio, Tennessee and Utah and we are adding new states every month.

  • Why do I have to sign up with my Facebook or Apple account?

    We require you to use Facebook or Apple to sign up in order to streamline the onboarding process and to help verify you’re a real person. No need to worry, we don’t currently share or post your information to social media and will never do so in the future without your permission.

  • How much does a deposit advance on Hundy cost?

    We do not charge a fee for the deposit advance, though we do ask for an optional donation. Your generosity helps us to operate our service and continue to provide assistance to others who are in need of a financial cushion. We select a weekly default donation based on the amount and duration of your advance but you may select any amount you think is fair.

  • Does using Hundy affect my credit score?

    While completing your deposit advance application, Hundy analyzes your bank transaction history among other data collected from you, which DOES NOT AFFECT your credit score. If you fail to pay back your advance, we do not report delinquencies to the credit bureaus or send you to collections.

  • Why should I pay Hundy back?

    Because Hundy is very good to those who are good to us ☺ First, by paying your advance off on time you earn the ability to request larger advance amounts. Second, you will earn points for paying your advance off on time, which you can use to get cash back (when this feature becomes available). Third, we realize you shouldn’t need a financial cushion on Hundy forever. So once you make it up to the top tier, you’ll be eligible to become an investor on Hundy at a discounted rate, giving you a fast track to reliable investment income.

  • What happens if I can’t repay my advance on time?

    If you are unable to repay your advance within the standard 61 day term, you will be given the option to convert your advance into a no-fee, no-interest, 60-day Installment Plan during which time the advance balance is scheduled to be paid off in 4 equal semi-monthly payments. If you are still unable to pay off the advance within these first 121 days, Hundy may have to suspend your account. If we are unable to work out a plan or do not hear from you, then your advance will be charged off and your account will be closed. However, you may reopen your account at any time by paying any balance due, and if done within 6 months, you will retain all points previously earned.

  • How is Hundy different from a Payday lender?

    First, Hundy is more convenient, transparent and affordable without any of the hidden fees or predatory pricing practices that are typical of the payday lending industry. Second, Payday lenders are designed to take your money month after month and keep you borrowing, whereas Hundy is building a community-driven lending platform, with the goal of turning you from a borrower into an investor.

  • How is Hundy different from P2P lending marketplaces like Lending Club and Prosper?

    First, the minimum loan size these companies offer is typically no less than $1,000. Second, they pass their loans to banks that then sell off pieces of each loan to individual investors (primarily large institutions). On Hundy, we gather a pool of money from individual investors just like you and then use that pool of money to fund advances to individuals just like you, without banks or middlemen.

  • How do I become a lender on Hundy?

    Hundy accepts both accredited and non-accredited investors. Please go to startengine.com/hundy or contact us at support@hundy.com to find out more about our latest offering.

  • How do I contact Hundy?

    You can reach us at: support@hundy.com