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Consumer Notice:

This is an offer to download the Hundy app and request a loan from Hundy, Inc. (“Hundy”). There is no guarantee that you will be approved for credit. If you apply or are approved for credit, the following disclosures shall apply:

Hundy is licensed by the Department of Business Oversight pursuant to the California Deferred Deposit Transaction Law (FILE NO: 10DBO-63863).

You should only use Hundy if you have an immediate expense that can be deferred for a short period of time, and will have sufficient cash flow to retire the debt and pay the fees by the time they are due.

Due to important protections (including, but not limited to, maximum interest rate requirements) provided by federal law, active duty members of the Armed Forces and their dependents are currently prohibited from using Hundy.

Schedule of maximum fees and corresponding APRs to be charged by Hundy on any deferred deposit transaction:

Loan Duration Amount Provided Fee Amount of Check APR
14-day $100
30-day $100

The maximum term of your loan agreement is 31 days. You may cancel a loan within 24 hours of initiating it. You may pay your loan off early at any time or extend the due date of your loan up to the maximum 4-week loan period (with a 1-day grace period at the beginning and a 2-day grace period at the end). There are no prepayment penalties or late fees.

If you still have a loan balance outstanding after the initial 31-day term, you will not be charged further service fees and and you will be given the option to convert your loan into a 60-day Installment Plan during which time the remaining balance of your loan will be scheduled to be paid off in 4 equal semi-monthly payments.

Hundy may generate a credit “inquiry” if you choose the Instant Credit Check option, though you may choose the Alternative Credit Check option, which does not generate a credit inquiry. Hundy does not currently report to the credit bureaus for charge-offs, though it reserves the right to do so in the future. Delinquent accounts may be charged with collection fees and/or other third-party charges.

Complete disclosures including APR, fees and payment terms are provided when you sign up for the Hundy app.

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